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Coach Hire Durham

Coach Hire Durham

The Durham city is having seen billions of tourists over the time and there are good reasons behind its popularity. The most prominent reason is its landmarks and natural beauty. A beautiful example of its astonishing landmarks is the World War One Soldier Sculpture. It is the sculpture of a soldier named Tommy who is sitting with his gun in his right hand. Your eyes will not blink for a long time while you enjoy the beauty of this sculpture.

It is applauded by countless tourists. The aura of this place is so calming that you must visit this place at least once in your life regardless of who you are and what your travelling preference is. There is a deep story behind this statue but we don't want to spoil your visit by telling everything about it. At Coach Hire Durham, we can comfortably take you to this place by our coach Hire services where you can go and read it by yourself. Reading the story will surely make you respect the soldiers even more.

First of all, visiting natural places is always good for your health and as far as natural places are concerned, there is nothing like the Hamsterley Forest. You can enjoy walking in its dense forest and there are numerous tracks for bike lovers so you can have very adventurous time here.

Do not miss visiting the orange and yellow walking trails. It is definitely appropriate for all age groups with its beautiful lake and mini wooden bridges to explore. At Coach Hire Durham, we know many other natural places to explore in the Durham city and you will be very pleased with our coach Hire services once we take you to here.

Have you ever thought about visiting a history museum with your travelling crew? We are familiar with many museums in the Durham city and one of the best museum to explore is the Hartlepool Quay. If you aspire to know the local history of the Durham city, this is the most recommended destination for you.

You will be welcomed here by an intelligent staff and they will help you know everything about the museum. You will experience the old time of ships and the place itself will guide you in the right directions. At Coach Hire Durham, we can offer you a tour where you can visit all the museums of the Durham city by our coach Hire services.

There are many other places we can discuss here like the Durham Cathedral, the Derwent Reservoir, the Binchester Roman Fort, or the Durham castle. The list of attractions is so rich that it will take a long time to describe everything about every place so let's jump to the benefits you will get by hiring our coach Hire services through Coach Hire Durham.

We have comfortable and durable fine quality leather seats, plenty of storage including separate space for storing your fragile stuff and overhead racks to keep your mini bags nearest. At Coach Hire Durham, the Wi-Fi facility is free along with the power sockets to charge your electronic devices in our coach Hire services. We can also give you a fridge and overhead heating system in the cold days.

The best quality DVD players and stereo speakers will definitely quench your thirst for entertainment during the journey as you will also be able to choose your favourite tracks. The drivers of our coach Hire services are friendly and skilful and our booking procedure is very easy. You can contact us through various mediums of communications like email, telephone, fax, or mobile phones. We take customer satisfaction very seriously so feel free to ask us any question regarding our coach Hire services. We will be waiting for you to contact us at Coach Hire Durham. Have a nice day and bon voyage.