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Vehicle Required

Coach Hire Durham

Is it budget you are looking for and you are here to see whether Coach Hire Durham can be affordable to you? Coach Hire Durham is the most affordable Coach Company in the entire Durham region. When you hire with us, we will not immediately quote the price we are offering as we like to see your details and the requirements of your team so that we can deduce the best price for you. We have a broad variety of coaches that as enabled us to be as cheap as possible in pricing.

Durham Coach Hire

Is it comfort you are worried about? Coaches from Coach Hire Durham have the most comfortable seats having spacious leg room and been recliners for your different sitting positions. Therefore, whenever you choose to travel with us you can be sure comfort is a guarantee.

We have the best staff throughout Durham. We use a very sophisticated method of recruiting them and so you can be certain they are the best. Our drivers are well educated to the highest level of driver training available in the Great Britain .They are also friendly people you can never be bored around and they do all they can to give you the best driving service. They have the capability to go the extra mile and so be sure you are served by professionals and experts when you choose us for your transportation needs.

Coaches For Special Occasions

Is it a wedding you are organising and you are seeking to rent several coaches for the transportation of your wedding parties? Coach Hire Durham has the capacity to rent to you as many coaches as you want. Therefore, no matter how many you are in need of we will always handle the need. Just make sure you have informed us early as our coaches are very buses covering all areas in Durham and the entire Britain.

Entertainment is important especially for the creation of a conducive environment for relaxation. Therefore because we are committed in making your journey memorable and exciting, we have ensured our coaches come with the most current entertainment units featuring DVDs and audio systems. Whenever you travel with us you have the freedom to play any kind of a music you want for your enjoyment.

Safe And Secure Travel

When it comes to security of our passengers, we don't joke. We know how important security is when you are traveling and so we have taken all the necessary measures to ensure you are safe when traveling in any of our coaches. These include monitoring the coaches with a satellite when they are out on an assignment and fitting them with GPS tracking devices. We have also licensed and insured the coaches so you can be sure of your safety are taken care of.

Booking for coaches from Coach Hire Durham is very easy. You only need to visit our website for a quick no obligation quote and we will do the remaining to see your group reach your event venue in time and safely. You can also call and we will readily respond to your call.

Interested in hiring right away? Our telephone number and email address is active throughout the year. Call or email and one of our professional staff members will talk to you helping you in all they are capable of.

Minibus Hire

Possibly it's a school outing you are planning to take your kindergarten school kids to. Our minibuses are designed in a manner that even if its kids they will be carrying, they will have comfort. Besides, Our drivers are professional people who have had many years of experience in minibus hire services for little children outings and are vetted besides been DBA checked. Therefore you can rest with the assurance that the kids will be handled properly as they deserve.

The Perfect Minibus

Is it a family outing you are planning to take your kids? Our minibus hire services are made for you. Talk to any of Coach Hire Durham sales representative and they will help you hire the perfect minibus for your family transportation needs. Our minibuses also include child seats in case you will be traveling along with a toddler.

Coach Hire Durham is an organisation that is fully registered according to all laws pertaining to transport service delivery and so you can be sure we operate legally. We also adhere to all laws and regulations set forth by concerned authorities and so do not have any fear.

Expansive Range Of Minibuses

Our minibuses range from small that is fit for groups of about 8 to 10 to large minibuses that can carry a significant number of people. So whether your group is big or small we have the capacity to transport them in our luxurious minibuses. Come to our offices for a discussion about what you need and we will do all we can to provide you with it.

Maybe you are group of colleagues and you want to travel to a certain conference that will take place for several days. Our minibuses are ready for hire. Contact us without hesitating and we will arrange for your pickup venue and time. Worried about how your luggage will be stored? We knew when people are traveling they would definitely need space for their luggage and so we have acquired minibuses that have enough luggage storage spaces.

Leisure And Luxury Vehicles

Are you planning to enjoy Durham's nightlife one of these days and you are here to hire a minibus? Durham city boasts of a superb nightlife and I am sure you are going to have a thrilling experience there. And for you to enjoy that nightlife, we are ready to offer a luxury minibus for all your night movement needs. Do not hesitate to talk to us about your plans and we will be sure to offer you transport solutions.

Do you need to book and you are wondering how to go about it? Our website that is designed to make your booking work very easy. Just book whatever size of a minibus you want which of course will be determined by the number of people you will be traveling with. You can also call us or send us an email and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Coach Hire Durham offers great services that have not comparison in the whole area of Durham. Therefore you cannot afford to go for low quality services when we are offering excellent transport services at the best rates. So make a point of hiring your minibus with us today and we guarantee you will never look for another travel partner.

Our Services In Durham

The booking procedure for our coach or minibus hire services requires you to fill out our booking form online on our website after which we sit down and come up with the best price for you. However, for those who prefer calling or emailing us, we make the bookings for them. And in the case of hiring many vehicles either the minibuses or the coaches, we advise you just to call or email. The reason is that booking several coaches or minibuses through the website can be a bit of work and instead we would help you book.

Friendly Staff To Hire From

We have a very enthusiastic staff that is always dedicated to serving you. They are also people who can go the extra mile to see all Coach Hire Durham clients get quality services. The individuals are highly learned, are certified and are friendly throughout. Therefore be sure when serving you, they will serve you as our guest one who deserves the best from our company.

We have acquired many coaches and minibuses. So no matter the size of your group you can be sure we have the capacity to handle your needs. The vehicles are also well maintained by our maintenance team and so you can be certain the coach or minibus you will get is in its best conditions. Besides that, we make sure the vehicles undergo servicing regularly.

Fully Equipped Vehicles

Our vehicles have all you need for an enjoyable trip. These include leather seats that are soft and reclining allowing you to sit at whatever angle you want. The seats are also designed in a manner to ensure there is enough leg room, and so you can rest your feet well which adds to your overall comfort.

For entertainment purposes, all our executive coaches and minibuses have the best entertainment units. These are the DVDs, CDs, PA and audio systems. Whenever you are on board any of these vehicles, you have the freedom to play whatever you want. Is it your favourite music you would like to play when going to your event venue, you can do all of that when you hire a minibus or a coach with us.

Are you planning to travel for a team building activity in any of Durham's locations? We can offer your group whatever vehicle they would like to travel in. Whether they want to travel in our luxury coaches, the executive coaches, the vintage coaches, the standard coaches or any capacity minibus, they are going to enjoy the trip.

Storage Available For Trips

If you and your group are heading to a multi day event and you have many suitcases because of course, every member has their own, our coaches and minibuses have enough storage facilities. These are the underneath luggage compartments and the overhead luggage areas for your light bags. We also have in the coaches and the minibuses storage for fragile items in case you will be carrying any. Therefore have peace of mind knowing that all you will be carrying will be stored safely.

Guranteed Minibus & Coach Service

There are as many transportation companies in Durham as possible who can offer you coach hire and minibuses hire services. Why should you choose Coach Hire Durham for your coach hire or minibus hire services? We are unrivalled in providing travellers in Durham best coach and minibus transportation services. Our services are guaranteed, and with our broad range of coaches and minibuses, we can provide you services anytime even when you notify us on short notice.

Additionally, we can provide to you as many coaches or minibuses as you want besides offering the best services and price quotations. So now since you know what you what makes us stand out, do not hesitate booking your coach or minibus with us.

Comfortable Transportation

Apart from our vehicles amenities we have discussed above, they also feature free WiFi and power sockets. So you can download songs, movies, books or do anything else online without incurring any additional costs and without your phone/tablet going off. Coach Hire Durham is committed to making you as comfortable as possible when you travel with us, and that's why we have ensured all our vehicles have the amenities you need.

Still having questions about our coach hire or minibus hire services? Our telephone line and our email address are active 24/7 throughout the year. Call or send an email to us and one of our friendly representatives will talk to you answering all your questions perfectly.

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