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49 Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire

49 and 50 Seat Durham Coach Hire

The Durham city is full of attractive destinations to see and at Coach Hire Durham, we have taken our customers to all of them. Thus, we also know the places like nobody else. You can always contact us regarding any information about any place in the Durham city. Our 49-Seater and 50 services can even refer you, assist you, or take you to any of these places you want but for now, let us shed some light on the major tourist destinations.

You might be a teacher looking for an adventurous place to visit with your students. In that case, we will recommend you one of the most popular places to visit in the Durham city which is the Beamish Museum. There are so many adventures to accomplish at this place that you will never realise when your day ended.

There are horse carriages, steam trains, vibrant shops, family fair rides, pits, trams and beautiful restaurants to have mouth-watering dishes. Special events are held from time to time and once you visit this place, the entry is free for 365 days so you can come here again and again if you wish. Our 49-Seater and 50 seat caoch hire would be the best option to come here with your large travelling crew.

Another mesmerising place to explore is the Sea Ham beach. It is a dream destination for nature and beach lovers. Some people are visiting this place since decades and the charm has increased over the years. This place is very quiet and worth having a picnic with your large travelling crew as there are numerous places to eat and have a good time in peace.

If there are kids in your crew, they will definitely love this place because it is very wide and there is a lot of open space to run and play games along with its aquatic views. The bars, eateries and cafes over here will take a good care of your refreshment needs. You can book our 49-Seater and 50 seat coach hire facilities at Coach Hire Durham to explore this place in detail. There are dozens of other places to explore but let us tell you in brief about the advantages you will get by hiring our services.

Our seats are super comfortable and made with the best quality seat leather available in the market. The push back facility and safety belts also ensure your safety along with comfort. The storage place is large enough to include all of your luggage and yet enable you to move freely. There are some extra storage facilities to keep your fragile materials secured. The Wi-Fi facilities and power sockets to charge your smartphones are absolutely free. There are some additional advantages after hiring our 49-Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire facilities which are as follows.

At Coach Hire Durham, we also provide overhead racks to keep your mini bags closer to you so you can reach them when necessary. We also facilitate the overhead heating system to keep our passengers warm during the cold days. Our booking procedure is very simple and you can contact us through various mediums of communication like mobile phone, email, fax, or telephone. Customer service is our prime motto so you can also feel free to ask any question about our services without any hesitation. If you have a tour in mind, our 49-Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire services have the capability to turn it into reality. Have a nice day and bon voyage.